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OpenUI UI (oui-ui)

image of Yui, the OpenUI UI mascot

Welcome to the unofficial OpenUI UI library, or oui-ui for short.

Why the ridiculous name? oui-ui is a set of web components that adheres to the research and proposals conducted by the OpenUI working group, hence the name OpenUI UI.

For those unfamiliar with the OpenUI project, according to the OpenUI site:

The purpose of Open UI to the web platform is to allow web developers to style and extend built-in web UI controls, such as <select> dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, and date/color pickers.

Long term, we hope that Open UI will establish a standard process for developing high-quality UI controls suitable for addition to the web platform.

oui-ui is the implementation of these proposed UI controls as web component library, and so can be used with HTML, or with a framework like React or Vue.


If you want to get started, you can follow along to the checkbox quick start


Currently, oui-ui only exports a single checkbox component.